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We are a specialty coffee roasters with locations in downtown Rochester and downtown Detroit, MI. We focus on delivering an unrivaled experience through a close attention to detail. We meticulously craft coffees that we are excited to share, with delicious desserts we bake in house daily, and live music nightly from our favorite local artists. We emphasize community and relationships, seeking to excite with our coffees and creating something great by doing what we love.


Roasting coffee is an incredibly volatile and complex process that relies upon a delicate balance of art and science. It is a meticulous craft, carefully studied by roasters that brings out the inherent qualities within a coffee through the development of natural sugars, acids and compounds over various guided chemical and physical reactions carefully monitored and controlled by a skilled roaster. We roast because we love the process, and having the ability to develop the potential locked within each unique coffee.


We roast coffee to bring out its best inherent qualities. We work very closely with each coffee to determine what must be done to unlock its best traits through development in the roasting process.


Quality in all steps of the process from farm to cup is paramount, however one cannot add quality to coffee that isn’t already there. All we can do is ensure that we carry on the line of quality from beginning to end, therefore the coffees we purchase are heavily scrutinized and evaluated. Countless samples of new crops from well-respected, quality driven and innovative coffee farms cross our cupping table and only a select few find their way onto our menu for each harvest season. We make sure to get our hands on incredible coffees, and from there our job is to ensure the resulting cup lives up to the incredible potential of that particular coffee.


We serve pourover coffees and a full espresso menu in addition to desserts and pastries.


Live music adds to the experience at DOCR. We love building community and love finding local talent in the area to showcase and support. We host live music nightly, usually acoustic and vocals, as a complement to our products and service.


(248) 453-5239 (Rochester)

(313) 338-3515 (Detroit)

Rochester Location

Detroit Location **NOW OPEN!!**

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